Block Leadership Resources 

Neighborhood Walk

  • Neighborhood Walk - Invitation Tracker: 
    This tracking form can be used to keep track of your progress on your Neighborhood Walk, and to collect contact information for follow-up communication.
  • Neighborhood Walk - Flyer:
    After taking your Neighborhood Walk two or more times, leave this flyer for anyone who you were not able to reach in person.  In-person communication is fundamental, but inclusion of everyone on your block is also key.

Information Meeting

  • Information Meeting Agenda: 
    This agenda summary is for your convenience as the leader of the Information Meeting.  Feel free to print it out and make personal notes on it, to have handy during your meeting. For more detail, see “How to Facilitate a Cool Block Information Meeting in Your Home” in Chapter 8 of The Cool Block book.
  • Cool Block Video: 
    Use this 2.5 minute video to help you introduce the Cool Block vision. Kudos to our very talented filmmaker who was an amazing Cool block leader and now a Cool block coach. 
  • Cool Block Vision Exercise: 
    This exercise has become part of the Information Meeting Script, as a replacement to the Cool Block Assessment. Use this when you lead your Information Meeting.  This is not a handout, but something you will use as you facilitate this exercise.  
  • How the Program Works: 
    This handout is used as part of the Information Meeting Script, described in The Cool Block book, Chapter 8, page 102.  Print this handout for your meeting participants.  Note that this handout has been updated for the Cool Block Pilot.
  • One-on-One Information Meeting: 
    Are you doing one-on-one or very small group briefings to complement your Information Meetings?   If so, we recommend you use this formula.

Team Leadership Resources 

Team-Building Meeting

  • Team-Building Meeting Agenda: 
    This agenda summary and prepration document is for your use as the leader of the Team-Building Meeting.  It incorporates several important updates to the meeting design. Read carefully.  For more detail, see “How to Facilitate the Team-Building Meeting” in Chapter 9 of The Cool Block book. NOTE: Your program manager will provide a link to our Cool Block Assessment Survey. Share this very brief survey with your team members, to complete before your Team-Building Meeting.
  • The Cool Block - A Deeper Dive Video: 
    This video tells the story of how The Cool Block plays out on the ground. If you wish (and have a good wi-fi connection), show it in the “Meeting Structure" section of the Team Building Meeting agenda. Alternatively, just share the link in advance of the meeting.
  • Cool Block Recognition Program: 
    We have created a Cool Block Recognition Program, which replaces the "Cool Points" concept described in the book.  Introduce this program to your team during your Team-Building Meeting.
  • Cool Block Topic Schedule Handout: 
    This Topic Schedule handout can be used in your Team Building Meeting. It will help you as you select Topic Leaders and schedule meetings. If possible, print this out for your meeting participants. 
  • Website Introduction Video: 
    Onboard your team members to this website by asking them to watch this video.
  • Add Team Members to your Team: 
    Log in, click on "My Account", and add the email addresses of your team members using the tool in the right-hand column. Not seeing the tool? Contact Us and we'll set you up. NOTE: this hook-up will make a rich set of local Resources pop into your Actions Plans, specially curated by your city on an action-by-action basis.  You and your team will want to look closely at these Resources -- your city is here to help you succeed! 

Topic Leadership Resources

We suggest the Team Leader write up the Typical Agenda items onto a poster-board or flip chart, to bring to each meeting.  This handy guide provides an anchor, allows your team members to follow along, and facilitates Topic Meeting ritual-building on your block.